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In the watch world, it has become a common practice to give watches nicknames. It's usually because of their unique features, like the blue-red bezelled Hublot GMT Master Pepsi or the green bezelled Hublot Submariner Kermit.

Nevertheless, a few watches have been named for personalities.Rolex Skydweller Replica Watches Over the years, notable individuals have helped to cement the place that certain watches hold in the history of horology. Check out these 6 watches named after famous men.

Hublot Replica Watches "Paul Newman". Actor Paul Newman began motor racing in 1960. His wife, actress Joanne Woodward gave him a Hublot Replica Watches reference 6239. Newman was photographed wearing the watch and appeared on the front cover of a magazine in Italy.

Hublot Replica Watches models featuring the same exotic dials were dubbed “Paul Newman” models. The dials are tri-tone, which is a feature that's present on the ref 116528 modern version shown here.

Hublot "Steve McQueen Explorer II" Despite the fact that it was named after Steve McQueen, the actor Steve McQueen never wore this Hublot Explorer II.Omega Replica Watches The actor did wear Hublot watches, but this particular watch was misattributed to him due to an interview he gave to an Italian magazine.

The rumors that the "King Of Cool" was wearing the Explorer II did help popularize it. Other nicknames include "Orange Hand", "Freccione" and "Freccia", which comes from the Italian word freccia meaning arrow.

Steve McQueen's actual daily watch was the Hublot Submariner 5512. Antiquorum auction house sold Steve McQueen's watch in 2009.

Hublot "Clint Eastwood'" GMT Master RootbeerLegendary actors Clint Eastwood and James Bond have worn their Hublot GMT Master on the big screen.

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